Top Class Mortgage Inc gives their clients the flexibility they need when considering refinance. Refinance is a very popular method which involves borrowing with a new mortgage that replaces the existing one. Borrowers have the option to opt for a higher loan amount, paying off their existing mortgage, remove Mortgage Insurance Premium, lower their interest rate, and cash-out to buy an investment property, renovate their existing homes or take a much-needed vacation. As mortgage lenders, we offer a wide range of refinance options that provide our clients with the flexibility to access the best products. Our expert mortgage brokers will work diligently to find a competitive refinance solution, based on your requirements. With our exceptional service and guidance, our experts will provide hassle-free refinancing for an existing mortgage, at the most competitive rates.

Here is how refinance can benefit you and improve your financials

Reduce interest rate

Make the most out of our special refinancing options that offer exceptionally low interest rates. We offer you the most competitive rates and low closing costs, our experts will customize a package to suit your needs.

Reduce mortgage term

Short-term mortgages have lower interest rates, which can save thousands of dollars in the long run.

Flexibility of opting adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage

Fixed rate mortgage is usually much more beneficial as it facilitates consistent monthly payments. Mortgage with adjustable rates tend to fluctuate periodically, thus increasing or decreasing the payments accordingly.

Benefit of Liquidity

Refinancing your mortgage gives you liquidity, this is essential for consolidating your debts, paying off high interest credit cards or student loans. Consolidating all the debt into a mortgage loan facilitates lower fixed interest rate and an improvement in monthly cash flow.

Making Your Dream Home A Reality