Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates change daily based on the market. Here are today's mortgage rates.
Mortgage Rates

A Better Way for Our Clients

We believe simplicity makes things better for everyone. Naturally, we thought the mortgage process could use some help in that department.

Get the Mortgage That’s Right for You

We make sure you have the details you need to get the right solution based on your needs.

Know Your Loan’s Status 24/7

We give you online tools to keep track of what we need from you, what we’re working on and what’s already done.

Save Time

We offer a fast, online application process, let you set your own time and place for closing, and give you the ability to manage your mortgage from your phone.


Application Checklist

Personal Information

  • Social Security number and date of birth.
  • Divorce or separation information. A copy of the divorce decree or maintenance agreement, along with any amendments and a 12-month payment history of alimony and/or child support payments, as well as documents if the payments are needed to verify your income and qualify for the mortgage..
  • Current housing information. For homeowners, your address, current market value, mortgage lender, account number, current monthly payment, and outstanding balance due on the mortgage. For renters, your address, the name and address of your landlord, proof of lease and your current monthly rent.
  • If you’ve lived at your current address for less than 2 years, bring information to your previous addresses.

Your Employment Information

  • Employer(s) verification. Names, addresses, and telephone numbers of your employers for the past 2 years.
  • Income verification. Your 2 most recent pay stubs with year-to-date earnings.
  • Self-employment documents. If self-employed, bring your profit and loss statement and balance sheet for the past 2 years.
  • Letter from CPA verifying currently self-employed for the last two years.
  • ┬áIf more than 25% ownership of a corporation, please provide two years of Corporate Tax Returns.
  • Copy of business license.
  • Pension- Award letter.
  • Social Security Benefits-Award letter.
  • Copy of DD Form 214, Report of Separation.

Your Financial Information

  • Tax information. W-2 tax forms and tax returns for the last 2 years.
  • Bank account(s) information. Account number(s) and current balance(s) of your checking, savings, or any other account(s).
  • Assets information. Statements of current assets, such as Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), Certificates of Deposit (CDs), stocks, and bonds. For individual investments, a current brokerage statement with the name of the stocks, the amount per share, and the number of shares owned.
  • Gift letter: sign gift letter, copy of check and proof gift deposit to the acct
  • Personal property information. Disclosure of the value of your personal property, including employee retirement accounts, furniture, cars, any valuable collections, other valuable property, and life insurance.
  • Credit information. Names and addresses of all creditors, and the monthly payment and total amount due for all current loans.
  • Rental property information. Federal tax returns and a schedule of all real estate property you own, plus account number and address of the mortgage company if any property you own is not paid for. If the property is rented, provide a copy of the current lease.

Information About the Home You Are Refinancing

  • Recorded deed. Your deed will show the legal owner(s) of the property.
  • Title Insurance. A copy of your title insurance will help the lender verify taxes on the property and provide us with a legal description of the property.
  • Homeowner’s Insurance. A copy of your homeowner’s insurance will show that you have sufficient insurance to cover your property.